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Driving School

Nyakio Plant Operators and Driving School is fully compliant with the NEW NTSA Driving school curriculum and regulations. In our driving school you will learn the basics how to operate as well as drive both light and heavy commercial vehicles. Our training course prepares you to be able to drive in city traffic, rural and major highways as well as how to be a defensive driver. 

Nyakio Plant Operators and Driving School is a an institute that conducts it course professionally to produce competent and excellent plant operators and drivers.

The training takes a duration of 21 days for Driving lessons only (Full Day) for both theory and practical tests.

For those taking heavy machinery the duration is one and half which is includes both heavy machinery and light vehicles.

Certification of training and issuance of license is done by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Kenya.

Fee Structure.

Our driving course has:

  • Class A - Motorcycles
  • Class B - Light cars 
  • Class C - Light Trucks 
  • Class D - Buses
  • Class CE - Prime Movers and Tractors
  • Class G - Heavy Machines