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A plant operator is a person who works in major and minor industrial sites and or supervises operations. The term is usually applied to workers employed in construction companies such as road and dam building, utilities companies, power plants or chemical plants such as gas extraction facilities, petrochemical or oil refineries.

Modern industries are generally mechanised and highly-automated, generally, operators are assigned to a particular unit, on which they are responsible for a certain function or area of equipment. Operators are also responsible for overseeing work is being done in a safe manner.

At Nyakio Plant operators and Driving School we train plant operators course which include:

  • Earthmovers: Motor / Drum Rollers, Motor Graders, Backhoe Loader, Track Shovel, Bulldozer, Wheel Shovel
  • Lifting Equipments: Crane, Forklift
  • Farm / Agricultural Machinery: Farm Tractor
  • Plant Mechanics
  • Driving Light Vehicles, Trucks, Buses and Prime Movers


1. A national ID with 2 photocopies or a valid passport.

2. Three Coloured Passport Size Photos.

3. Safety Boots - Nyakio Plant Operators will provide a Helmet, a Reflector and an Overall.

4. Plate, Spoon, Cup, Pens and Books

5. For boarding students: Blankets, Bedsheets, Bucket, Toiletries etc